Kids grow quickly and trends change almost as fast, so we’ve decided to offer our customers a platform to re-sell the clothes you’d typically throw out. PRE-LOVED allows our community of shoppers a sustainably driven re-sell program that aims to prevent your unwanted items from ending up in the trash. All second hand clothing is quality assured and those items unfit to be re-sold will be donated to a reputable charity.

Terms & Conditions
 At Tim & Gerry’s Kids Boutique, we will do our very best to sell your items for you. We will process the items you send us and determine if we believe they are saleable and priced accordingly. We will advise you which items have been accepted and listed for sale. Items may require a price reduction after several weeks and if they haven’t sold after 20 weeks, we may choose to take them off the site completely. All clothing, shoes and accessories must be in as new condition and freshly laundered, cleaned, ironed (no more than 2 years from date of purchase). All pre-loved items must have been purchased from Tim & Gerry’s, we will not accept any items from other boutique retailers or department store. Strictly, Tim & Gerry’s only. 

We can't accept any items that are:
- Showing signs of wear, are stained or dirty, have odours, rips, tears or piling, are faded, misshapen or blemished in any way
- Home made
- Undesirably themed or display inappropriate or offensive messages and/or words
- Underwear, slippers or costumes
- Sleeping bags, blankets and linen 

Please note, some items may not be suitable for sale, and if this is the case, they
will be donated to charity at our discretion.

For all pre-loved enquiries including how to submit your items, please email We will not respond to any pre-loved emails outside of this email address.

All items can be shipped at the seller’s cost to Tim & Gerry’s (tracking must be provided) and we will inform you when your goods have arrived. Alternatively, for anyone that lives in New South Wales pre-loved items can be dropped off in store. While we will take the very best of care, we will not accept responsibility for your items in the unlikely event of theft or fire – goods are left at owner’s risk. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR PRE-LOVED ORDER MUST BE APPROVED BY TIM & GERRY’S PRIOR TO SHIPPING OR DROPPING OFF IN STORE.

Tim & Gerry’s Kids Boutique determines the initial listing price for consigned items and will be displayed for sale for approximately 4 months at full price. Then will be reduced for a further 2 months and at the conclusion of this we will ask that you either collect your unsold items or notify us that you wish for them to be donated (charity to be decided). If we haven't heard from you after 2 weeks from the end of consignment, the goods will be passed on to the decided charity.

You as a consignor (supplier), will receive 50% of the final sale price as a store credit to spend in store or online at Tim & Gerry’s. All store credits will be issued and updated as your items are sold – store credits will be issued via email and valid for 2 years. Please note: Due to the nature of our store, we will at times go on sale and offer discounts to our customers to encourage them to spend. We may discount your items at any time, without notifying you.