About Us

We are two friends both with a strong interest in fashion and streetwear. In August 2017 we embarked on a passion project. Putting together the best Kids streetwear store. After noticing a significant gap in the Australian market and months of research and planning, Tim & Gerry's opened in July 2018. We are a unique kids curated online streetwear boutique showcasing the best hype-kids fashion, apparel and sneakers from streetwear to high-end. Both with a strong love for kids, we feel these days that kids are becoming early adapters or trend setters.

Tim & Gerry’s, an online curated boutique will strive to offer a pointed selection of essential and seasonal babies, boys and girls fashion apparel, accessories and of course, footwear. We actively aim to expand our select product mix. Catering to the infants, children and youth. Offering a mix of luxury and streetwear for kids in a modern, contemporary, up-market boutique. A high quality social media presence and marketing collateral will position Tim & Gerry’s at the forefront.