Basic For Kidz | Exclusive to Tim & Gerry's Kids Boutique

We love nothing more than dressing our little ones in the best sourced brands from all around the globe. But there is one we have had our eye on for a while and now, its officially and exclusively at Tim & Gerry's

Introducing Basic for Kidz, the Dutch brand that literally everyone needs to know about. Bring unique and fashionable styles to kids ages 1-14 Years old.

From oversized tees, summer dresses, bike shorts, matching tracksuits and of course the best essentials, it is in your best interest to even just have a peak at one of the best brands at Tim & Gerry's.

But don't take our word for it. Click the link here to see the range and give us some feedback on what we think is the brand to watch in 2021.

Basic for Kidz - Tim & Gerry's Kidz Boutique
Basic for Kidz - Tim & Gerry's Kidz Boutique

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