Bibs Dummies

Bibs Boheme Double Pack - Cloud / Blush


Product Description

BIBS Boheme Dummies are the newest beautiful style created by BIBS. Its organic silhouette is a fresh, creative, and aesthetic design suitable for all genders.

The round natural rubber latex nipple is designed to resemble the shape and size of the mother’s soft nipple and promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when breastfeeding.

The BIBS Boheme Dummies are therefore recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding.

Size information

It is important to to note, different sizes should be used as a guide only. Our experience is that the following sizes are the general and therefore also our common recommendation.

  • Size 1: 0+ months.
  • Size 2: 6+ months.

They are 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free.

Please sterilize all dummies before use by placing them in a cup of boiling water and allowing them to air dry. Do not place in a sterilizer of any kind as the sterilizer may become too hot and cause the dummies to bubble.

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